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Founded in 1998 by Andrew Haynes, Corpbasics originally began as Martial Arts Fitness system created to cater to his clients outside of his Karate School. It started out as a boxing/kickboxing program. Over the last 13 years, Corpbasics has grown in many ways. One of the organizations most honored acknowledgements to date was being recognized by for winning the 2011 BEST KICKBOXING CLASS in Boston.

In 2006, Andrew decided to pass on his knowledge, expertise, and class design by creating the Corpbasics Instructor Certification Program. Well-received by local fitness enthusiasts, the ACE (American Council on Exercise) affliated certification program continues to be offered as one of the ACE's continuing education courses. In fact, in 2011 Andy had added 24 new group instructors and 10 Pro personal trainers, all with the right personality and the right basics to help clients exceed their original fitness expectations.

After creating the certification program, Andrew quickly discovered that Corpbasics classes were becoming increasingly more popular in local area gyms. As a result, the decision was made to open a fitness center location of their own so that more people would have access to the Corpbasics Fitness System.

The first fitness studio was opened in 2008 in Cambridge, MA, and did well. However, in early 2011 the fitness center was moved to Union Square to bring Corpbasics back to Andrew's home town of Somerville, MA. And much like the clients at the studio, there is a great sense of community among the residents here in the 'Ville. The Corpbasics CBC Fitness & Training Center just fits right in, and is proud to be one of the businesses that calls Union Square home.

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Why Clients Love Us

Not your average fitness class

When I first moved to Boston in May of 2008 my friend Christina Lodde would constantly tell me how I should come to her gym and take one of Andy Hayne’s classes. Each night I would see her head out and come back 2 hours later and wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to spend 2 hours at a gym?


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For every Limited Edition Fitness DVD System ordered, $10 will be donated to Benefit Respond Inc., a local domestic violence shelter.

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