It feels awesome to be in control of my health and my body

I met Kristen several years ago at a local gym where she taught a Corpbasics class that was like no other class I have ever been to. It quickly became my favorite class and the one I always wanted to make time for.

Kristen is a determined young woman who is extremely passionate about her health and well being as well as that of her clients. I know this because she also became my personal trainer. I had always been athletic, loving to ride my bike, walking, and yoga, but Kristen helped me overcome one of my biggest fears in fitness, that being the motivation to run.

I would say to myself all the time, I wish that running was something I could do. My goal was to run a 5K and she pushed me to do so. Kristen encouraged me to sign up for a race, so I did. Her coaching strategies were helpful and she believed in me every step of the way. I also joined the Corpbasics’ Running Club and with practice and determination I soon learned that my goal was possible.

Within the past ten years I have had two heart surgeries, which were life changing and eye opening. I have taken many Corpbasics classes and done many personal training sessions and have seen what they have done to strengthen my body and my heart. My doctor couldn't be more pleased with the way I choose to live my life and is so proud that I am a model to other people with heart conditions. It feels awesome to be in control of my health and my body. I thank Kristen for her dedication and willingness to commit herself to helping the livelihood of myself and other clients.

- Rebecca R.

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