After just a few months, I surpassed my original fitness goal

I have been attending Corpbasics classes since 2007 when I was a member of Fitness gym in Malden. I had a feeling after my first Corpbasics Cardio KIX class that I was hooked. I joined Corpbasics and started personal training in October of 2007. After incorporating a vigorous personal training session into my jam-packed class workouts each week, I started to notice significant changes.

Kassie T Before CorpbasicsKassie T After CorpbasicsI put my mind, body, and soul into working out. As a former high school athlete I was confident I would be able to snap back into shape almost immediately. I set a 20 lb. loss as a goal for myself, and after months of training and taking classes I surpassed that goal. I had gained strength and more confidence in my fitness abilities, and developed more upper body and core strength with each workout.

After losing 43 lbs and gaining muscle, Andy and Corpbasics helped me discover that I could change my body even more. I lost inches off of my legs which I didn’t think was possible. I have noticed definition all over my body and have been pleased with my results so far. A year later I am still as enthusiastic about working out and continuing with CBC classes & training sessions.

Andy has developed an incredible program that works the whole body and mind. His classes are engaging and fun and training with him leaves you with a feeling of self accomplishment. Corpbasics is truly a way of life." - Kassie T.

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