There are so many reasons to love Corpbasics! Here are just 5 of the reasons our happy clients give us as an answer to why they keep coming back.

  1. The Corpbasics Fitness System works: Many clients will tell you that if you work it, the fitness system produces results beyond their original expectations!
  2. Knowing truly is half the battle: Anyone can put together a sequence of exercise movements, but it takes skilled fitness professional to incorporate effective and safe basics into the core of any fitness routine.
  3. Self-confidence comes standard: As a martial arts fitness system, basic self-defense movements are incorporated into each energizing workout.
  4. We make exercise fun: Though our fitness system will push you to work harder, we make sure fun is incorporated into every workout.
  5. MP3 player NOT required: There is just something about music that helps one push harder, while making workout-time fly by. We not only understand this, but intentionally incorporate a wealth of today's upbeat, motivating music into all our classes.

Why Clients Love Us

After my first class, there was no turning back

When I first went to Corpbasics, I was nervous. I had never been much of a gym person and always felt extremely self-conscious. I was greeted by one of the friendly instructors and immediately felt at ease. After my first class, I was hooked and there was no turning back. The classes at CBC are challenging, yet flexible for all abilities. The instructors are motivated, personable, and invested in the success of all who come.


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Limited Edition Fitness DVDs

For every Limited Edition Fitness DVD System ordered, $10 will be donated to Benefit Respond Inc., a local domestic violence shelter.

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